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Welcome to the BPS Asset Management Software Platform

The BPS Asset Management and Monitoring Software has been developed for PV Asset Managers and Owners with diverse portfolios who require a single system of reference to operate effectively and efficiently. With the focus of the solar industry shifting to long term O&M, skilled management combined with useful software can make a significant difference to the bottom line. Providing a wholistic management solution, the BPS platform closes the gaps between performance monitoring, contract obligations, asset tracking, maintenance, warranty, and reporting. Learn how the BPS Asset Management and Monitoring Software will improve your operations by contacting to set up your demo today!


Realtime Monitoring
Visibility into asset performance with 15 minute data allows for quick response to issues that arise.
Spare Part Management
Track which spare parts are available in each warehouse location and what workorders the parts have been used on.
DAS System Compatibility
Data is automatically accessed from the DAS systems through API calls, Secure FTP drops, or data files being emailed.
Role and Project based security is used through out the site allowing full or limited access to users.
Set due dates for obligations in your contracts and get notified before the due date.
Revenue Audit
Save your utility bill information and compare it against your modeled, expected, and actual revenue generated.
Automated Reports
Filterable and exportable graphs and data for financial and performance reporting that can be scheduled to run one-time or regularly.
Outage & Workorder Tracking
Outages and Workorders tracked from inception to resolution to ensure peak operating conditions.
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